Do musicians write better code?

In the Composing Code Podcast,
co-hosts Shane and James explore the musicality of remixing computer science. At the end you will have musical tooling and CS concepts in your pocket to explore your own music, audio and creative ideas.

1. Introduction to Learning Processing

In the premier episode, co-hosts Shane and James talk about how they got into code and music. They also discuss common hangups and misconceptions around learning to code and math. Other topics explored are the ethics of data science, how the congress in the USA needs some serious code lessons, and how to use math to get an intentionally poor grade in math.

New episodes every other Wednesday Morning in Finland


It’s 2018 we are rebooting Computer Science

The show started when James suggested that Shane take a look at the Learning Processing book by Daniel Shiffman. Although the book is a fantastic resource in learning to code, it doesn’t have an approach that is the most accessible to musicians. The book defaults on visual examples or simple physical objects can be accessible to some, but musicians have developed many specialized skills.

The podcast is the result of the conversation that resulted when Shane and James reunited to take on these examples and remix them into a more musical format. Enter the Composing Code Podcast, the Zoogsical. A remix of Dan Shiffman’s book and character aptly named Zoog.

James Stone

Former Assistant Teaching Professor at Penn State’s School of Visual Art, electronic musician, lover of analog synthesis, and former DJ is now a Senior Software Developer at Futurice in Helsinki, Finland.

Shane Wirkes

Shane is an Audio Designer and Content Developer in Turku, Finland.


Dear listener, podcast aficionado, lover of music, and experimenter of code: we would love for you to join us in the conversation. As you listen to the episodes there will be exercises, sample projects, and other ways to follow along. We are also looking a way to make the podcast more 2-way and interactive. Stay tuned.